A Double Offer for This Weekend by Tonybet

A Double Offer for This Weekend by Tonybet

Brilliant Weekend for All English Football Fans. Some weeks may be duller than the others, but this is definitely not the case in Premier League Week 17! We’re really looking forward to it, and we hope that you are, too. And in case you need something a little extra to make this weekend really special, we’ve got you covered!

Man United is facing West Brom on Saturday the 17th, and Man City is going against Arsenal on Sunday the 18th. Are you ready?

Well, we definitely are! And since both Manchesters look pretty menacing going into their respective games, this is what we offer: bet at least €15 on either United’s or City’s win, and get a €5 Free Bet* if they lead at half-time. This offer stands for both matches, so you can bet on one, or on both – whichever you prefer.

The offers only stand for a first, single, pre-match bet and do not apply for live betting, unless stated otherwise in the offer. The offers do not stand if the bet was made with a Free Bet. The Free Bet is valid for 48 hours. The Free Bet will be credited within 48 hours after the start of the match the player has placed the bet on. If the sum of the Free Bet exceeds €5, it will be credited in separate €5 Free Bets making up the total sum (e.g. €10 will be credited in two €5 Free Bets).

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